Beauty can’t be analysed with ease. As, someone might have beautiful eyes , eye-catchy smile ; someone might captivate you with there level of confidence or an perfect art of personality. Beauty can’t be measured , according to me. Still, the time it’s only the external one which can be marked till a limit. Whereas, brain or the term “Sapiosexuality ” is something , which can be marked or for which one could be given some credit.


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Stunning means causing awe or confusion. An example of stunning is when a performance is so good you are speechless. The definition of stunning is great beauty or something that causes shock or loss of consciousness. An example of stunning is a description of a very beautiful woman.

Jessica Hart reaching for the stars

With her trademark gapped front teeth and easy Aussie disposition, Jessica Hart has glided seamlessly within the industry from glossy fashion editorials to swim shoots in Sports Illustrated. If Hart opts to attend a show during Fashion Week, street style photographers flock to the tall blonde like skater boys to the SoHo Supreme store. In other words, she’s a fashion girl who happens to have a leg up on looking really good in clothes. Here, Hart shares her life in three looks—from running in Manhattan in Live the Process to carrying her beloved pup Floyd around town in a Simon Miller bucket bag on the weekends.