1 Holiday Beauty Look to Rule Them All

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My favorite holiday beauty look (and surprisingly easy to do!)

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Life since Covid has made me a lot more of a minimal, bare-face type of a girl. But when I popped into Nordstrom to pick up my favorite holiday candle (swear by this one), I got super excited about all the holiday palettes. I got a few newb beauty cabinet additions and wanted to do a holiday beauty look. If there’s one product you neeeeeed it’s this stunning eyeshadow palette. So good! Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of products and you can see the tutorial here.

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The first step of any successful makeup look – good skin! It’s been a minute since I’ve shared my latest skincare routine and need to share an updated one, but one product that’s been a staple since I discovered it is this moisturizer. It is a splurge, but my skin has seen such a difference – it is worth every penny. It’s one of those skincare products that your skin starts to crave if it takes you too long to re-order after you finish a bottle.

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The holiday eyeshadow palettes out this year are sooooo good!! For this look, I used the ‘Happy Glow’ shades from this palette. The pigments so rich and beautiful and blend/build really well. I was shocked at how well some of the shimmer tones came through.

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These is my go-to for brows – been using them both for years. It stays all day and comes in so many shades – I’ve used the pencil and pomade but the powder is by far my fave!


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If you aren’t using a primer, you’re doing your skin and your final makeup look a disservice. Not only does primer make for a beautiful base, it also helps prolong and preserve your makeup so it lasts all day, AND it acts as a barrier to keep products from clogging your pores. For this look, we used this cult favorite – it goes on so smooth and has a pretty mattifying, blurring effect so your foundation goes on super smooth.

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I’ve been using this foundation for years. It lasts aaaaaall day! It’s a medium to full coverage and has a super velvety matte finish that make for the prettiest base for any beauty look. I have super sensitive skin that can get irritated with a lot of foundations, but I haven’t had a single issue with this one. Love the coverage!


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I love all things Benefit, my makeup artist got me hooked on this highlighter. This palette has multiple bronzers (I swear Hoola looks good on any skin tone!) – I used the ‘Cookie’ highlighter. It blends so well and it’s the prettiest tone that works so well with pink and tan undertones.


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I added a smudged eyeshadow under my eye using the same palette. Can’t wait to try the rest of the colors – the ‘Seduce Glow’ especially is so pretty! Also got this palette with more gorgeous holiday colors that are also subtle enough to use for an every-day beauty look.


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This lip liner is universal – it’s so pretty on EVERY skin tone! If you haven’t given in the obsession, do it. You won’t regret it!

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I got this gloss a few weeks ago and have been wearing on repeat (last seen here). It’s the prettiest nude gloss and the perfect finishing touch to a full makeup look or you can wear it on its own with a fresh face.

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Another cult favorite – if you haven’t tried a setting spray (especially this one) it’s a game changer! Not only does it help your makeup last all day, it also helps keep it from transferring to your clothes (or worse yet, your S/O’s clean white tee haha). Also got this stocking stuffer version!

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Found so many amazing beauty finds at Nordstrom – their holiday beauty collection is unrivaled! Skincare and beauty always makes for amazing gift ideas because you know it’s products that will get a ton of use. Here are a few gift ideas (you might end up with two for some of these – one for you 😉

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XX, Christine

*In collaboration with Nordstrom.

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