Month February 2019

The French Skincare Brand You Need To Know

When it comes to skincare, I’m about as loyal as Tristan Thompson on a night out (not very), but one brand I have always loved is Biologique Recherche. First up, it’s French, meaning by default, I’m into it. Secondly, its hero product, the…

The Best Face Masks In The Biz

It occurred to me last month that “face masking” is probably my number one favourite hobby so I’m trustworthy when it comes to choosing the best face masks – promise! I was on a sub-par date at a fancy cocktail…

Inside My 30th Birthday Party

My friends started asking me what I was planning to do for my 30th birthday celebrations eight months out which, at the time, I thought was absolutely absurd. I put it off and put it off (party because I was…

What It’s Like On A CHRONICLES OF HER Shoot

If you’ve ever wondered what we actually do on a daily basis here at CHRONICLES OF HER, let’s just say – “it’s complicated”. You’ve probably used this phrase at least once or twice before to describe a challenging relationship, but funnily enough…

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