2020 Men’s Gift Guide (including favorites you’ve given!)

mens gift guide gift ideas for guys holiday 2020

Best mens gifts you’ve given?

I recently asked this on Instagram and you guys delivered with many suggestions, but a few gifts kept popping up over and over again as clear winners! Below are some of the most mentioned “hits,” including a few which I can personally attest to due to how much Nick loves them!


A Surprise (For Me At Least) Favorite

The Theragun was by far the most popular response from readers as a gift that recipients LOVED (and the gift giver can benefit from too 🙂 Somehow I had never heard of it (maybe because my current workout routine is lifting a hefty infant 200x a day) but clearly the rest of the internet is in love.

1. Theragun

A percussive therapy massager good for providing a range of relief —from post-workout to injury recovery to strain from a long day hunched over a computer while WFH. If you’re having trouble deciding which version to buy, the Mini (use code OFFER or HELLO10 for another $10 off) the Prime (also on sale) are their entry level models that are still highly rated. I did read that a big difference is the Prime is easier to grip for reaching areas on your back, or in general if you’re gifting this to someone with arthritis in their hands.

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Theragun Prime men's gift ideas

For Guys Who Get Cold Feet 😉

There were several mentions of the sustainable shoe brand Allbirds as a great gift, and Nick has to agree. He’s tried on several of their styles and thought the Mizzle Runner-Ups looked the best, felt the most comfortable, and were the most functional for him here in New England. P.S. they make these styles for women, too!

2. Allbirds Shoes

Sustainably made “wet-weather high top with ethically sourced Merino wool and a bio-based water repellent shield.” While these aren’t meant for snowstorms or subzero temps, on an “average” day (i.e. 35 and cloudy…eek) Nick loves how warm and dry these keep his feet and can attest they hold up well over time! See them on him.

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Allbird Mizzle Runner-Up's mens review

The Gift of Comfort…and Style

lululemon ABC joggers christmas gifts for boyfriend
3. lululemon ABC joggers

It’s no surprise lulu men kept popping up in your suggestions, as Nick has hardly taken off his beloved stretch ABC pants in “obsidian” for the past 2 years. He was stoked to see the newer jogger version on this list, then dropped some very obvious hints about how nice it would be if they showed up under the tree.

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A Work From Home Upgrade

WFH computer monitor gift ideas for brother
6. Ember Mug

This was probably the #2 most mentioned gift that was a hit! If you haven’t heard of Ember, it’s the answer to lukewarm coffee troubles. They make both a 14 oz. mug and 10 oz. size that are temperature controlled by an app on your phone. Its battery is meant to be long lasting but it also comes with a coaster that serves as a charger.

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high tech gift ideas Ember mug
7. Cozy Slippers

The idea of upgraded at-home basics is a recurring theme here! Spending a little more on high quality, comfy slippers definitely seems worth it these days with WFH being the new norm for many. The top two most mentioned mens slippers were Ugg or L.L.Bean – can’t go wrong with either.

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mocassin slippers for men

A Gadget That Turns Back the Clock

8. Hamilton Watch

In the age of smartwatches it was refreshing to see an analog watch as a very well-received gift. I tapped into several of my watch enthusiast friends for a high quality brand around the $500 price point, and Hamilton was a resounding recommendation. In addition to the field watch pictured, they have several other sleek designs with Swiss made movement.

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Hamilton watches for men