Month March 2020

Suit City – A Full Compilation

T The power of a suit.  I always knew that women wore capes under their suits. From ivory to red to plaid, every suit has a different personality and feel.  I love them all!  And the pairing options are limitless. …

Transition to Spring + Huge Sales Update!

S Sunlight peeking through, signs of spring with warmer weather, and a huge transition-to-spring sales update! All things pointing to beautiful spring.  The much welcomed warm weather along with an exciting spring wardrobe.  Today is a combination of my work…

Sky High – A New Take on Denim

U Ultra sky high!  Leg lengthening, feeling six feet tall, and more. A new take on denim.  You probably have a few pairs of jeans in your closet, but these are definitely different.  They’re very high-waisted with a corseted seaming…

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