Month January 2021

Recent Active Wear Finds

Mike and I recently ordered the Peloton and while we wait for it’s arrival (March) we’ve been using their workout app. If you don’t know, Peloton actually has all kinds of workouts in the app, not just for the bike.…

“Wild Berry” by Hördur Ingason

January 11, 2018 Cruise Collections Those who keep on counting to first warm days and wait for sun to shine may March 29, 2018 “Metropolis” by Maciej Boryna Photographer: Maciej Boryna / Models: Weronika Spyrka, Paulina Klimczak / Designer: Kamila…

Sleep Wellness In The Winter

01.29.21 Created in partnership with The Company Store Getting my eight hours in the winter is essential and being pregnant in the winter means I really can’t go without it. One of the things I take very seriously is bedding…

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