4 Uses for My Leather Hole Puncher + Dot Dress 2 Ways

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Over the years I’ve shared a few DIY projects and alteration guides to help ensure a well-fitting wardrobe, particularly for a petite frame. And one tool that’s come in handy time and time again on a variety of accessories is my trusty leather puncher (can also find it at most major craft stores). For under $15, this gadget pays for itself by saving even just one trip to the cobbler.

I’ve featured it a few times already over the years, but wanted to highlight some alternate uses for it in addition to belts! I also wanted to quickly show how I’d style this fancier dress more casually!

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1. Belt Strap

To punch clean-cut circular holes in a belt so it can fit tighter or looser. This is the classic use and why I originally bought mine because I struggled to find belts that fit. Simply measure where you want the new hole to be, mark it with a pencil on the back side of the belt, rotate the tool head to the correct sized hole and punch!

When done, I use a toothpick or sharp tool to remove the circular leather cutout piece from the tool spoke so that it won’t affect your next punch. FYI, you will need to use both hands and exert some strength to really punch, especially if the leather belt is on the thicker side.

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2. Leather Handbag Straps

I’ve used my puncher a few times on crossbody straps where even the last hole is still too long on a petite frame!

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3. Shoe Ankle Straps & Slingback Straps

Ankle strap or slingback shoes too tight? Or so loose that they keep sliding off? The smallest hole setting on my leather puncher tool is a tad bigger than the holes on my shoe straps, but it still works!

4. Leather Watch Strap

Like with my shoe straps, the smallest hole on my puncher tool is a little bigger than my watch strap holes, but it still works and keeps the prong in place. If use on a watch strap is a priority, make sure to find a puncher that has a tiny hole option in the rotary head.

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