4 Ways to Tuck a Sweater over a Dress (Video)

How to tuck a sweater into a skirt

I often get questions on layering and tucking sweaters, especially ones that are a little chunkier knit or relaxed cut and how to make them look proportionate a petite frame. I’ve been working on videos covering basic styling tips and tricks, and wanted to start with one that I use often for re-styling my favorite dresses and sweaters! 

As seen below, a little tucking helps define my waistline on this outfit and lets me get more mileage out of an otherwise formal dress. I use a waist belt (a wide one if it’ll be visible, or skinny for the clean under tuck method where the belt will be hidden) or a small clear elastic for the twist and tuck method. Check my video and Pin-able image below!

how to style a sweater with a dress belt or tuck

My Favorite Waffle Cashmere

I’ve mentioned Everlane’s stroopwaffle re-cashmere several times over the years as a favorite for the quality, effortless cut and beautiful waffle texture. The super versatile Heathered Sand (taupe) color was just restocked and they also added a pretty new neutral called “Canvas.” You can see the current year version’s relaxed fit on me below, and they also make a crewneck sweater which I styled for a casual look in this post.

winter sweater outfits for petites

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