7 Trends That Are Coming For You This Season

7 Trends That Are Coming For You This Season

Hide your credit card, hide your wife.

Good afternoon! Can I get you a refreshment? A cushion? Some popcorn? No? Okay, well please take a seat and make yourself at home—it’s time to kick off today’s very special episode of The 7 Trends That Are Coming For You This Season. While that sounds frightfully ominous, like a horror film in which the trends crawl out of a television screen like Samara from The Ring, it’s a different, much more palatable genre entirely. Say, a romantic comedy where your future self plays the love interest to the following 7 swoon-worthy trends as if they were mother flippin’ Mr. Darcy himself.

While we’re still a fan of the classics (please never leave us jeans, t-shirts, blazers and every movie starring Audrey Hepburn, ever), and would never advise completely ripping a trend if it weren’t true to the ~real you~, sometimes it’s fun to throw caution to the wind (and your credit card details at the keyboard), and indulge in a little bit of a trend-based shopping. In fact, in this case, it’d be impolite not to, given that the Goddesses of Getting Dressed have been busy cooking up the most scrumptious outfits of late.

Be on the right side of history by investing in the following trends, before everyone else does…

Words: @madw0n