9 Items Every Fashion-Girl Owns

9 Items Every Fashion-Girl Owns

…and now you can too!

We get it, the words ‘fashion girl style’ bring back memories of a stiff-lipped Meryl Streep (wearing Prada, of course).

But we can assure you that the industry is nothing like that, fashion isn’t scary and you definitely don’t have to wear expensive brands 24/7.

The secret to dressing like a fashion-girl is to invest in reliable outfit building blocks – stylish, stand out basics that you can throw on with ease.

Focus on what shapes and colours suit you (and make you feel good!).

Get savvy at finding pieces that have unique elements like a circular heel or trousers with a wider leg.

No matter the budget, you’ll be shopping like the #fashionista you are in no time.

Lucky, this time we did it for you… keep scrolling.

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