A Guide To Doing Bondi Beach Like A Local

A Guide To Doing Bondi Beach Like A Local

Feat. our favourite places and a little Louis Vuitton.

With a bustling community of locals, tourists and tourists who became locals – Bondi has become one of the world’s most iconic beaches. Enter, the ultimate Bondi Beach guide.

You really can’t ‘do’ Australia without getting the full Bondi experience.

For those of you who’ve never been, think of it as a vibrant, creative city by the beach where you can come to relax, shop, surf, swim, make friends and everything in-between.

There’s A-grade coffee on every corner, avocado on toast that will change your life and luxury fashion too.

It may be far, but its well worth the trip (we promise!) if you know where to go, what to do and what to order.

So to celebrate our favourite little corner of the world, we took some *sparkly* accessories for a spin around town to some of our favourite Bondi hotspots – see below.