a mix of winter and spring

On a beautiful day soaked with sunshine, two looks that can transform from winter to spring. 
Photographed and edited by the amazing Nicole Marie Ens. 
look one, all white with hints of brown tones.

Details: Mlouye teddy bag, Re/Done jeans, Acne turtleneck, Via Spiga boots, Madewell belt, Urban jacket, Verge Girl sunnies  look two, suited up

Details: Suis Studio suit, Céline sunglasses, Steve Madden boots 


Though I can’t help but crave spring, I still didn’t mind styling outfits that still have a hint of winter to them. It’s still March after all, and as I type this there is literally a snow storm brewing outside my window. These looks are definitely leaning towards the warmer side, but if you throw on a long coat over them, you can transform them for those colder days. A power suit is such an amazing staple for this upcoming spring,  it makes you feel like a bad ass, stylish feline. The Acne turtleneck is a personal favorite as well, which I recently splurged on, because I couldn’t help but picture it tucked into vintage Levi’s with pointy flats and a shoulder bag for when the weather gets a bit nicer. 

So many thanks to the lovely Nicole for photographing this ♡ check her out, her work is amazing!
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