A Sex and the City Remake Without Samantha Jones?

A Sex and the City Remake Without Samantha Jones?

We’re crying out loud, for Christ’s sake!


The rumours were true. As confirmed by way of a 40-second teaser shared by Sex and the City’s leading ladies Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, and Kristin Davis on the ‘gram, the series is slated for a reboot. The announcement sent the internet into a full-fledged frenzy. In a world of wrongs, finally, something was being done right. Hold your breath on that one.

While Parker, Nixon, and Davis confirmed their return as Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte, it was silence on Kim Cattrall’s end. Samantha Jones didn’t miss the memo. The brutally honest, unapologetically sexual, OTT public relations executive will not returning to the series.

That makes Sex and the City…without Jones…which essentially means, without the sex. Like a body with a missing limb. The Samantha stans, needless to say, were none too pleased. The outcry has been heard far and wide. With the Times magazine even going so far as to claim that “Sex and the City is Nothing Without Samantha”. Ouch, we think that was Darren Star’s heart we heard breaking in the distance.

We have equal love in our hearts – to be specific, a chamber each – for the four leading ladies. With a gapping Samantha-sized hole, however, the beating heart comes to a stop. Samantha holds a special place. She’s a strong, independent woman whose I-don’t- need-a-man purview on life (amongst the many other Samantha-isms) is an absolute breath of fresh air. Remember that one time she threw herself an “I don’t have a baby” shower? Iconic.

Many of Samantha’s onscreen moments have lived on with us even in the years after. And whatever the trajectory of the reboot, her sarcastic quips are ones we’ll continue to revisit for the 39488354th time. While we were at it, we’ve gathered a lineup of our favourite quotes from the queen of banter. Ready for a trip down memory lane?  Scroll through the gallery above!

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