A Vintage Expert On How To Find Your Perfect Pair Of Levi’s

A Vintage Expert On How To Find Your Perfect Pair Of Levi’s

You know about 501s, but do you know the 517s, the 950s or the ‘Student Cut’?

I love vintage Levis and all things denim, but I definitely don’t love digging through piles of jeans at thrift stores in search of the brands I know and trust (FYI, thanks to Ondine’s advice, I’m now all about Wrangler for fewer wedgies!).

Then there’s the whole stripping off/trying on saga that follows – you know, the one where you realise nothing actually fits and you’ve just wasted 3 hours of your life and leave empty handed?

But if you’ve ever been lucky enough to find your perfect pair before, you’d know it’s worth tripping over your ankles in jeans which are obviously for children just to hit the denim jackpot again.

But, we wondered, is it all down to luck? Apparently not.

When we called-out for your tips on where to find the best vintage Levi’s, one particular commenter upped the anti with a full-blown guide to shopping vintage denim like a pro. Yep, we’re talking about a legit Levi’s expert here (and my hero!).

See the ultimate 4-step guide on how to ACTUALLY shop for vintage Levi’s below, and make sure you keep the comments coming… we read every single one and we love hearing from you.

Words: @lainyblack
Photographer: @danrobertsstudio