Best Bottega Veneta Bags To Buy / Cassette, The Pouch or Jodie…

Mar 15, 2021

Best Bottega Veneta Bags To Buy / Cassette, The Pouch or Jodie…

It’s safe to say that Bottega Veneta bags are the new classics, but which Bottega Veneta bags are worth investing in? Talking about the Bottega bags I think will be around for ever…

If you’re thinking about investing in a designer bag that will be a classic and will withstand the test of time, Bottega Veneta is definitely it. In my opinion, Bottega Veneta Shell Medium Bag, Jodie Small Knotted Leather Tote, The Pouch Chain Bag, Cassette Chain Embellished Leather Bag & The Classic Bottega Veneta Pouch have already attained the new classic bag status, which makes them an excellent choice. Though all these styles are super on trend right now, they also have a timeless quality which makes them a good investment choice.

Personally, I love Bottega Veneta bags because they are so easy to style. You can pair them with casual items, or polished pieces, you can wear them during the day or restyle them for night. They always add that special touch to an outfit, and complete a look in the most effortless of ways.

The Bottega Veneta Shell Medium Bag I am wearing today is pretty new. Love it because I can wear it during the day with my favorite sweatpants and chunky boots but also, because it looks just as chic styled with dress pants or skirts and heels. By the way, this particular shade of green is absolutely huge this season. If you’re a little reluctant to go for a bright bag, it also comes in more muted color options (here). But if you love color like I do, style it with neutrals or black and white for s super striking look.

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