Best Soothing Home Decor Color Palette To Help You Unwind

Want to make your space feel warm, welcoming, soothing & relaxing? Use white, gold & natural color scheme in your home decor to bring peace and tranquility to any space!

I have a theory why white, gold and natural color palette is so soothing in relaxing when you use it in your home decor… First, I think it’s the light predominantly white spaces create. You get this feeling of open air, spaces appear larger and somehow more open. Second, I think that we tend to associate this particular color scheme with summer and vacations, essentially a season that automatically implies relaxation.

Personally, I love combining white, gold and natural textures in my home because everything tends to go so well together and in a sense, it’s a rather full-proof home decor approach to make your space look pulled together. Combine different textures, time periods and styles (why yes you can do modern and vintage in the same space), as long as you adhere to the color scheme.

The gold elements I think, are most important because they tend to add a bit of that lux element to your space, but also give it a bit more of a city feel. What do you guys think? Do you love this decor style as much as I do?

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