Cashmere Loungewear & Home Decor is The Kind of Luxury You Need Everyday

Apr 6, 2021

Cashmere Loungewear & Home Decor is The Kind of Luxury You Need Everyday

This super soft cashmere loungewear set is the kind of relaxed luxury you can wear everyday. Comfortable & stylish, love it, because you can wear it in and out of the house!

Wear it together or separately, cashmere sets are my favorite type of luxury loungewear. Aside from being incredibly cozy and comfortable, they look entirely polished, so I actually wear this set out quite often. Typically, when I wear it out, I pair it with an oversized coat and sneakers, like I did in THIS POST, for example.

Since I love a cozy home, I simply couldn’t resist getting this cashmere pillow & blanket set. I absolutely love the stark color combo which adds a very polished, geometric element to your home decor. I also absolutely adore the soft touch the cashmere finish adds to this chic set. Perfect for lounging around, I love that the pillows and the blanket are super oversized. Often times, blankets are smaller but this one is grand, and is definitely something you can fully wrap yourself in!

These cashmere booties are my favorite things  ever! I live for cute slippers to wear at home, and these babies keep me warm and stylish. Love that!

Naked Cashmere Sabina Top, Robin Jogger, Margaux Cardigan, Leah Striped Pillow Sham, Iva Cashmere Blanket, and Da Booties

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