Equilibria’s New Parisian Patisserie-Inspired Flavored Drops! (Indulgence Collection Review!)

Equilibrias Indulgence Collection Review

Happy Friday from the artic tundra that is Chicago!

How is your week going? It’s so cold here, but luckily I’ve still been able to get outside for walks this week before the temperatures took a major dive. (Before the cabin fever really sets in with single digit weather for the next week. 😬) It’s easy to forget how much little acts as small as a morning walk can positively affect your day, but it really makes such a difference in my mood! 

Speaking of mood boosters, doing a quick review of Equilibria’s new Indulgence collection today, featuring three new–wait for it– Parisian Patisserie inspired flavors! (Umm is this product combo not JESS IN A BOTTLE?!) If you love EQ’s flavored drops, I think these might be your favorite flavors yet! 🙌🏻 (They definitely are mine!) 

Equilibria’s Indulgence Collection Review

I’m SO excited about them, and the product team did such a killer job nailing the new flavors! (If you’re new here, EQ is not a sponsor, I help out with their Influencer marketing strategy in addition to being an affiliate–so I get a lot of great behind the scenes intel. 😉) 

Originally, we were thinking of developing two flavors, but the team narrowed it down to three and nobody could choose because they were so delicious–so, thus, the mini trio was created! 🙌🏻 Huzzah! 

**Also exciting, right now for a little Valentine’s Day treat, if you’re a first time customer, you can use my 15% off discount code JESSKEYS, and also get the Indulgence Collection 20% off with purchase of any other item! (Scroll down below for where to begin if you’re new to CBD!) Code can only be used for your first purchase. 

More about the new flavor mini trio: 

The set of three mini bottles comes in three amazing flavors! 

Peach Gelée: Sweet, fruity peach paired with a hint of ginger. 

Mint Chocolate Truffle: Tastes exactly how it sounds, a rich milk chocolate flavor with a hint of minty coolness. 

Strawberry Shortcake: Bright, ripe strawberry with a sweet, creamy finish. (I was skeptical of this one as a baked good flavor sounded like a weird combo with CBD but I think it might be my favorite–I can’t decide between this or mint chocolate!) 

How to use them: 

I love the mini sizes because you can stash them in every room of the house, in your purse, in your bag for traveling (whenever that happens again 😂–especially great to keep in your tote if you’re a nervous flier!) 

Full dropper: Start with one full 1ml (10mg) dropper. Take at night before bed as part of your wind-down routine, or during moments of heightened stress when you could use some quick relief! Hold under your tongue for 60 seconds, then swallow. Wait 15 minutes. If you don’t feel any effect, take another full dropper.

Micro-dosing: If you’ve already taken a full dose previously in the day, but could use a little bit more help, use the Daily Drops to take a micro-dose–say, 1/3 or 1/2 dropper right before that long, tedious zoom meeting you have every Thursday afternoon.

**Don’t worry, you cannot overdose on CBD. If you’ve had TOO much, you might notice feeling drowsy, but that’s all! (And normally CBD does not make you drowsy at all, unless you’ve had too much!) 

Equilibria Indulgence Collection Daily Drops

Who are the Daily Drops best for? Who should use them? And what for? 

The Daily Drops are one of Equilibria’s three main hero products, and I like to explain them all together so you can get an idea of how each works individually AND wholistically. (And why they’re best used in tandem.) 

Daily Drops: 

The drops are best for fast-acting relief. They’re great for taking right before a big presentation to take your jitters down, during the late afternoon “witching hour” when you are tempted to pour a glass of wine at 3pm, when your mind is just racing before bed and you need something to help wind it down, anytime you need quick relief in a situation of heightened stress, anxiety, mind racing, etc. Neal and I typically will take these right before bed to help fall asleep. (They don’t make you sleepy, they just help your mind quiet down so you can drift to sleep.) 

Daily Softgels: 

While the Daily Softgels can also help ALL of the above things, they are slower release and stay in your system much longer, essentially “running in the background.” This is why they help you stay asleep throughout the night! (Note, Drops are for falling asleep, Softgels are for staying asleep–many people take both in tandem to target both issues!)

Personally, I think it’s helpful to think of the softgels as “proactive” and the daily drops as “reactive.” Everyone has a different CBD routine that works best for them, but I find that taking the Daily Softgels as my “insurance policy” to help me proactively manage stress, stay more focused during the day, and have more patience (aka not get snappy with Neal 😳)–this is what works best for me. Then, I’ll use the Daily Drops to microdose during situations where I might need a little extra help and quick relief (such as the situations I described above!) 

Relief Cream:

What you’ll want if you need help with topical pain. We’re talkin’ everything from period cramps, to sore muscles from the gym. When your neck is spasming because you slept on it funny–to headaches (rub on your temples!)–if it hurts, relief cream can probably help. If you are looking to reduce inflammation–aka joint pain, then a combination of an ingestible product (i.e. the top two) and the topical relief cream should help a lot. My knees used to hurt a lot from riding my bike and doing Orangetheory, and once I started taking CBD I noticed my knees not bothering me anymore! 

“I’m new to CBD, are these good products to start with?”

Okay stick with me here because this is not a QUICK explanation and requires some detail 😂. But I promise this is worth a read!!

I would recommend starting with a Balance Box (if you are only interested in the ingestible benefits–AKA you don’t need the relief cream for topical pain) or the Brilliance Box (if you want to try all three products). These products work together and you will definitely get the best results with a combination. 

While you can’t get the limited edition Parisian flavors in the boxes, you can get the regular mint flavor, which I recommend! Then, if you’d like, you can buy the limited edition mini trio to have on hand. Or you can split up the set to give to your girlfriends for a little Galentine’s day gift! 

I would not recommend only starting with the indulgence collection set if you are brand new to CBD. Again, as I think you need to use both products in tandem for best results. And then figure out how you use each of them to best suit your needs.

This is why EQ has dosage specialists that are trained cannabis professionals to discuss your lifestyle, goals, and prescribe the best dose and routine for you. FYI–the dosage team is VERY busy right now. And there’s currently about a 2-3 week wait time for a dosage call. Make sure you make your dosage call ASAP as soon as your box arrives! I can’t stress enough how much of a difference it will make in the results you get from CBD. 

How to get the best deal: 

First, use code JESSKEYS to get 15% your first order (but you can only use it on the first order!)

Second, SUBSCRIBE to whatever box you’re getting–don’t buy it as the full one-time-purchase price.

The subscription price is 20% cheaper than the a la cart price, and you can cancel or snooze your order, or change up what you want in your shipment literally anytime. So essentially that’s the difference between saving ~35% on your first order and saving 15%! 

Then, if you want to try the new flavors as well, add the Indulgence collection to your cart along with your subscription, enter code JESSKEYS, and 20% off will be taken at checkout (in addition to 15% off whatever else you have in your cart!) 

Additionally, subscribers also get a 10% off coupon as a welcome gift that they can use on their next purchase. Typically discounts are only given to first-time buyers, so that’s just another reason going for a subscription is great! (By the way, if you’re a subscriber and you haven’t received your coupon, make sure to check your email so you can use it on this amazing collection!) 

…and that, my friends, is how you save essentially ~45% off on Equilibria products. 😉

More questions about CBD? 

Make sure to head over to this blog post for more of a CBD overview that is–full warning–extremely detailed, but it will answer all of your questions about CBD! If you still have more, feel free to send me an email [include “CBD question” in the subject line!] to jess[at]thegoldengirlblog.com. 

Hope you have a great weekend!