Everything you need to know about American Eagle’s Mom Jeans (AKA Quaranjeans!)

(Everything else in this photo is old so I can’t link any of it, sorry!!) 


The American Eagle Mom Jeans I NEVER shut up about on stories are back in stock–and still fully stocked

I realized I’ve never actually done a blog post review specifically highlighting them because they sell out before I can ever get one shot and published, but they seem to be restocking them on a more frequent basis now (fingers crossed) so today is the day! Also, I have received so many great DM’s about how much you love them too–so I felt they needed a permanent spot on the blog that everyone could refer back to if they had questions! 

Unfortunately, because I’ve never been able to shoot them in time for a true “review,” that also means I don’t have any truly good photos of them and now…well, you know. I can’t button them. 😂 (Thanks, LR.) 

However, hopefully you can trust me at this point and just know you can come to this post where all your questions will be answered about these jeans, and when LR arrives, I have my fingers crossed they will restock again and I can shoot a proper review post with more photos for you! (Perhaps I should order another pair in another size up for postpartum preemptively…hm….🤔) 

Anyway, until that happens, you can enjoy these two photos I took in 2017 and the one random mirror photo I took wearing them before I got pregnant this year. 😂 I’m killing it at blogging!! 

Okay let’s jump in. 

On buying new jeans: 

First, I’d like to talk a little bit about buying new jeans. I know jeans are a controversial topic in the days of Covid when joggers and leggings rule the world. However, there is something about actually getting dressed in real pants that can do wonders for your psyche.

That being said, I quickly found that most of my pre-covid jeans had gotten FAR too tight for comfort. Obviously I didn’t want to go out and spend a bunch of money on new jeans, but I felt it was important to have a new pair that I felt REALLY good in, that were comfortable enough to wear all day, and that were cute and stylish to make me smile! It made a WORLD of difference! (Thus, my nickname of “quaranjeans” was born!) 

And guess what those jeans were? Yep. THESE! I had owned the exact same pair of AE mom jeans in my pre-covid size for years and loved how soft they were, and luckily I saw them amidst a restock and snapped them up.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to buy the clothes that fit your body. You do not need to change your body to fit into certain clothes! Maybe it sounds vain, but having clothes that fit you and hug you in all the right places will do more for your confidence than you ever thought possible. (Trust me, I speak from experience!) 

Even before I got pregnant, my body changed a LOT this year. It’s normal. Our worlds got turned upside down. We couldn’t work out the way we used to, we aren’t eating the way we used to, we have an incredible amount of stress and anxiety to deal with. Even if our world’s hadn’t gotten turned upside down–it would STILL be normal to have a body that goes through changes, and buying clothes that fit your body wouldn’t be any less important! 

I’ve had a lot of DM conversations with you guys at length about this. Many have been having a hard time with the fact that a lot of clothes just aren’t fitting like they used to–so I just wanted to stress it here too! You are great just the way you are–so buy the size that makes you look and feel your best and stop worrying about the number! 

(Everything else in this photo is old so I can’t link any of it, sorry!!) 

Why these are such amazing jeans: 

Okay, moving on to the topic at hand–the jeans! What makes them so great? 

The price: 

Well first, there’s the price. They are priced at $49, but you can also find them on sale for $37 oftentimes. (However, if you wait for them to go on sale you run the risk of them selling out before you can get yourself a pair–just a watch out, they often go fast!) It’s always nice to find a quality pair that isn’t going to break the bank! 

The quality: 

Usually with stuff like this I say, “you get what you pay for”–but these jeans are the real deal. Like I said, I’ve owned my first pair for over three years. (However, make sure to read my laundry post on how to care for your clothes because no jeans will last forever if you’re not caring for them properly!) 

They’re so soft: 

They’re made with a very lightweight, cloth-like denim that is SUPER soft and great for all seasons, but especially as it gets warmer because they aren’t too heavy. They don’t have any stretch, but like non-stretch jeans, they do have some give that will eventually mold to your body. They are comfortable enough to wear all day long!

**NOTE I can only comment that this is how the “cool classic” wash feels, I’m not sure about the others and if they feel the same! 

They make your butt look GREAT: 

They are SO flattering in the back! Make your butt look like a million bucks due to the high rise and the positioning of the back pockets! 

Come in sizes 00-24, in short, regular, and long! 

They have a very inclusive range of sizes! Also, I know for my short and tall ladies especially, finding the right length of jeans can be a challenge, and I’m so happy these come in different lengths! 

(Everything else in this photo is old from 2017 so I can’t link any of it, sorry!!) 

They’re high-waisted, 11.75-inch rise. This is my favorite rise because when I sit down they don’t cut into me like mid-rise jeans do. They also look really cute with cropped sweaters, tees, etc! 

The fit is “mom jean” style–so they’re not straight leg, not skinny, but tapered in the leg and fit loosely through the thigh and calf. The back is fitted through the butt and then looser once your butt hits your thighs. I think this makes for a super comfortable, roomy, wear-all-day fit.

I have the regular length and I am 5’6 for height reference! (I typically roll them so they hit above the ankle!) 

Important: These jeans come in lots of different washes, and AE makes more than one pair of mom jeans, but I can only comment on THIS EXACT PAIR. The wash I have is “cool classic” (the one that pops up in the main photo when you click the link) which I love, it’s a slightly faded, lived-in blue color with rips at the knees but minimal distressing everywhere else. I don’t know if the other washes feel or fit the same way as I haven’t tried them! 

Sizing: I personally think they fit TTS, but others have told me they think they’re a bit small, so if you’re in between sizes, maybe consider going with the size up. However, everybody is VERY different! If you can, I always recommend ordering a range of sizes and returning whatever doesn’t work! 

That’s it! If you’ve been wanting a pair, snap them up while they’re still in stock! Can’t recommend them enough–hope this was helpful and that you love these jeans as much as I do!