Feeling Fendi: playing dress up in two very different looks for the brand’s new Sydney store launch

I was thrilled to attend the recent launch of the Fendi store in Sydney and judging from the laughs below, I had a ball. And why wouldn’t I? I’ve been a long time fan of Fendi, and have always loved its classic aesthetic, layered with modern touches. This combination makes each piece whether it be a bag or an item of clothing just feel special. I’ve been lucky enough to wear a few Fendi pieces throughout my career, and it’s always guaranteed to make me feel polished and put together.

For the launch I tried two very different looks. One was a demure LWD. It’s a great example of how a classic minimalist silhouette can still feel interesting even without embellishment or flamboyant finishing touches. This dress is the kind of silhouette that I could see living in my closet for years to come, as it’s just so chic and so versatile too. When wearing something that’s such a blank slate, I think you can’t go wrong with vibrant accessories. While I kept my outfit quite clean, I went for a yellow bag to add a little sunshine to this look. It’s just the right amount of colour to lift it, and give it some energy. While a patterned shoe is just the kind of statement piece that gives this look a striking element.

The other look couldn’t have been more different. In this instance it was all about being a lady in red. I’ve always found wearing a scarlet shade gives me a little confidence boost–it’s such a bold colour that I think you really have to own it. The dress’ design is the perfect combination of feminine styling meets modern with the button detail and the flared sleeves, I love how the structure was offset by the playfulness and touch of flamboyance the statement sleeves bring. I went with the patterned shoe for this look too as I thought it offered a great contrast feature, but whenever I’m wearing red, I always tend to gravitate towards black accessories as it’s just such a great combination.

If you’re in Sydney, definitely check out the new Fendi store. It’s a designer playground and one I’m happy to visit time and time again.

This post was produced in collaboration with Fendi