finding your personal style

Advice on how to create a style that is uniquely you.
Often, I get messages asking how I found my own personal style, a question I wish I could answer in a few words. It may seem like I’ve got it down…when really I am constantly changing and finding new methods to create my own solid ‘style’. Finding your own personal style can take years, if not decades, to find! I feel that a lot of people do not realize this, as I sure as hell didn’t, until I found myself constantly changing my style every year or so. I just couldn’t find one that stuck with me or made me inspired. I would be inspired, at first, and then feel bored after a couple of months. The key to finding your own personal style, unfortunately, is time. Yet, we can maximize the time that we do have, and so I put together some little tips that might make it easier when you’re going through the thought process of finding your style. 
Tip 1: Try every style in the book
It isn’t until now, after going through every style that possibility ever existed, that I feel like I have found my style niche. In my pre-teen years I was punk, then preppy, then boho, then back to preppy, until I moved to New York and found this minimalist style that I feel like suits me the best. It truly is important that you give yourself time–don’t put pressure on yourself. Focus on what clothes are making you happy in that moment and go with it. It isn’t until you have everything crossed off your list that you can see what you felt best in. Try to ask yourself: What feels the most you?What felt the most natural? What did you feel the most comfortable in?

Tip 2: Build a wardrobe based off essentials
When you feel like you have narrowed down your style a bit, try finding essential pieces for your wardrobe. That way, you will have these basics, and be free to style them up with ‘trendy’ accessories or looks. That way, you have your core collection, but you can dress it up however way you want that fits your style at that time. Maybe you don’t like to dive into trends that much, and that is okay. That is what I have realized about myself when going through this ‘finding my style’ journey. I enjoy pieces that will last in my wardrobe for years, and only throw in that occasional trend, but never spend a fortune on it. If you do base your style off of trends, that’s okay too! There is no right or wrong. In having your essentials, this can give you a focus as to what your style really is. Tons of leather jackets might mean you tend to move toward an edgier look. Blouses and casual vintage jeans may mean you have that Parisian-vibe going on. Whatever it is, hone in on it.

Tip 3: Collect what inspires you
It is extremely helpful to put a collection of images together that inspire you. What is the common theme among them? Maybe it’s the color palette or the outfit choices that they have in common. Maybe it’s the photo angle or edit (if you are a creative type of individual). I might sound like a broken record, but focus in on the underlining theme that runs through what inspires you. Put it in a mood board or conceptual collage. In physically seeing it all put together can help you visualize what sort of style you really admire and ultimately want to have.
Tip 4: Try not to overwhelm yourself
With social media, it is really easy to pile on and like image after image, which can leave you feeling like you are on a fashion-inspiration overload. When you’re scrolling, try to save or like images that you truly love. Why does this image make you feel a certain type of way? Do you really love this outfit? Does this really inspire you? Not saying you have to go on an unfollowing spree or not like people’s images, but being overloaded with inspiration can sometimes be a bad thing, too. I really try to follow people and repin images that I love and that make me feel a certain type of mood. Excess fluff can be uninspiring, especially when you’re trying to find that personal style that sets you apart. 
Tip 5: Try to find something unique
I know I always say this, but it really helps if you have a little something something that makes your style just a little bit unique than everyone else’s. Do you only shop vintage? Do you have to wear a certain piece of jewelry everyday? Do you only wear yellow? Whatever that little thing is, embrace it. This is what creates your personal style. It’s what makes you, you.
 Feel free to comment other thoughts or questions that I can answer below, as I feel like this was a little bit out of focus, but I’ve wanted to write about this for ages! I can have a part two if that would be helpful. Again, I’ve been finding my own personal style for years. I finally sort of feel like I have honed in on what truly makes me happy, and I can only wish the same for you! But, like everything, it will always be a work in progress, so don’t pressure yourself. Stay open, inspired, and always stay you.