Gold Floor Mirror & Other Cool Accents to Make Your Home Feel Lux

If you want to make your home feel modern & lux, all you need is a few accents like a floor gold mirror, a distressed cane chair, contemporary vases & pampas grass to add texture.

Nothing adds that perfect touch of Parisian chic the way a gold floor mirror does. An element that can easily make a room, a statement making gold-floor mirror can be both: a center piece of your room and a perfectly grand complement to an otherwise very minimal, modern decor. When choosing the right kind of gold mirror for you, first think of scale. If you want your mirror to be the focal point of your decor, scale up and get the largest size possible. As far as style is concerned, I suggest going for something very grand and elaborate if the rest of your decor is minimal and understated. And for something a bit more modern and simple, if your room is already elaborate.

Cool vases & stoneware planters add texture to your space and combine rather beautifully with both the modern decor and grand gold floor mirrors. As far as vase trends are concerned, there are really a few that are noteworthy at the moment. First, there is of course the bum vase (preferably in white), then of course bust vases are having quite the moment, and finally minimalistic, architectural nordic pieces are on point and add that cool, nonchalant element to your space.

Cane chairs and cane furniture in general is a very big decor trend at the moment. Look for a slightly distressed piece and pair it with ceramic floor vase or two and cool pampas grass to add that en vacances feel to your space.

Oversized trunks are my weakness, a cool storage solution for those I don’t know what to do with this items, they also add a very chic element to your room. Personally, I like an oversized trunk with prominent hardware. A tiny little design element like cool hardware makes a trunk look more like a cool design element rather than just a storage solution.

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