How to Recreate Dior’s Smokey Eye Runway Look

How to Recreate Dior’s Smokey Eye Runway Look

While makeup trends come and go, the smouldering, smokey eye has proved its longevity through the decades. If you haven’t gotten a hang of it just yet, here’s a masterclass courtesy of Dior’s Peter Philips.


It was in the thick of my teenage angst (I suppose the kids these days called it an e-girl phase) in the early aughts that I discovered smokey eyes. I worshipped Avril Lavigne, her music was my gospel, and her signature smokey eye look, my go-to in that season of existential anguish. A decade on, I’ve outgrown said phase but the smokey eye continues to be as relevant as it was in Lavigne’s heyday.

While makeup trends come and go, the smokey eye has come along way. The smouldering, sultry look is easily the default look for a night out. Not that there’s been that many of them of late, but as the world gradually opens up, if you haven’t already mastered the timeless smokey eye, let Dior’s Creative and Image Director Peter Phiilps show you the way.

At Dior’s Fall/Winter 2021 presentation, Maria Grazia Chiuri took us all into the pages of a dark fairytale. The sinister arch called for intense eyes to match. Beyond Chiuri’s narrative on the runway, zooming in on the eyes is a seemingly fitting approach to makeup in the mask-wearing new normal.

To start, prime, prime, prime! Especially if your eyelids tend to get oily, before you pack on the eyeshadow and liner, you’re going to want to prep them to prevent your makeup from slippin’ and slidin’. A panda eye is not the look you’re going for – close, but not it. We want an intentionally, evenly smudged-out liner.

Once the primer is on – you’re ready to begin. Start by circling the entire eye with a line in Diorshow 24h Stylo 091 Matte Black. If you’re a novice in the eyeshadow department, go light-handed – it’s easier to build it up than to dial it down. Then apply Diorshow Mono Couleur Couture 098 Black Bow Matte quite heavily at the inner and outer corners of the eyes. To gauge, these are the darkest parts of the eye.

Then, follows the most important part. The blending. Gradually blend and smudge the dark eye shadow to create a lighter area in the centre of the eyelid. While the smokey eye look has survived the years, taking it into 2021 means keeping it as natural as you can. The goth days are over.

To frame the eyes, fill in the brows with Diorshow Brow Styler and Diorshow Pump ´N’ Brow. Because you don’t want your brows getting lost in the look, brow definition is also key here. Don’t hold back if you have to draw them slightly darker than you might typically.

You teen self would be so proud of the woman you (and your smokey eyes) have graduated into! And we have Dior to thank!

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