Introducing The Easiest Chic Summer Outfit

Introducing The Easiest Chic Summer Outfit

Linen is life.

If I could invite you into my brain for a private screening of my latest hypothetical film, titled ‘This Is What My Best Life Looks Like’, it would go a little something like this: opening credits, me in a summer outfit (let’s call it the perfect wrap dress) on a beach in Mexico, me in the perfect wrap dress walking from the beach to a neighbouring bar (arms interlinked with Michael B Jordan’s), me at the bar with my hot date in the same perfect wrap dress eating the perfect taco and drinking the perfect margarita with the perfect shade of rouge lipstick on, a shot of the sunset being perfect, closing credits.

Unfortunately for cinephiles everywhere, I don’t have the budget to pull this cinematic masterpiece off, but what I DO have is access to the wrap dress. Throw it on over your favourite bikini while you (safely) catch some rays, pair with white sneakers for a fresh street look, then transform it for the evening with a slap of red lippy and a block heel. Easy, breezy and chic to boot.

Scroll down for three easy ways to wear your new linen dress, and then I’ll catch you at the check out!

Words: @madw0n

Image: @jaikaldor by @carmengracehamilton