kissing summer goodbye & welcoming fall inspiration with open arms

Is it wrong to say I’m craving sweater weather?
This summer has honestly been one of the best; I’ve never traveled more in my life, I turned 21 which means that all of my wine drinking is finally legal, which also means I’ve also never partied more in my life, made new friends, built amazing relationships, and really focused on my work. Though I thoroughly enjoyed wearing linens, tons of white and beige, Matteau swim, and silk summer dresses, there is a major part of me that yearns for trousers tucked into chunky sweaters with a belt, boots, and my beloved trench coat. 
Yes, this summer was beautiful and though I can appreciate freckles and glowy skin, I am such an Autumn-girl at heart. Hair tucked into turtlenecks, with oversized leather jackets and trousers sloppily tucked into ankle boots. Or a crisp white shirt tucked into vintage Levi’s with Chanel slingbacks and a messy ponytail. I have all of these details tucked into the “Autumn dressing” section of my head, obviously. A part of me misses layers…something about summer to me seems to simple in dressing. I guess I prefer things a little more complicated…
The number 1 thing that I miss…blazers! This Autumn, I think it will be all about belted blazers for me. I’m also channeling jeans with great, simple shoes and tucked in turtlenecks. I have a fall series coming up very soon that I am shooting in a studio, so stay tuned for all the Autumn vibes and more. Until then, we will have to suffer through September (and maybe October) because I don’t understand what to expect with the weather anymore. In the meantime, I will continue to stare at my boots and pretend that the New York City trees are changing. 

I hope you enjoyed this mini rant, and as I am obviously quite passionate about autumn dressing. I will still appreciate the slow, summer days of August, but I will be Pinterest’ing all of my fall inspiration. Follow my fall fashion board here. And lastly, please tell me I’m not crazy in the comments, it would be much appreciated. xx

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