KULALA Weekends: Where to Find the Best Sourdough Breads in Town

KULALA Weekends: Where to Find the Best Sourdough Breads in Town

While everyone and their grandmothers might be on a baking bender as witnessed on the ‘gram, for those of you who don’t claim bread-making an expertise of yours, here’s where to find the best boules in town.


The appeal of bread is universal. The French have their baguette. The Americans have their cornbread. The Indians have their naan. And as the revered English poet eloquently expressed, “If thou tastest a crust of bread, thou tastest all the stars and all the heavens.” We concur.

Bread has been a permanent fixture in our lives since the time we learnt our alphabets – B is for Bread. And of late, sourdough bread, in particular, has been all the rage. On the gram, everyone has been obsessed with baking the subtly tangy, chewy brunch staple. These aren’t your two-dollar convenience store-bought loaves manufactured in the factories. Each perfectly crusted, brown boule takes hours of labour – look up any sourdough recipe for an idea of just how tedious they can be to make. Some of us are better off leaving the job to the professionals.

There’s no lack of artisanal bakeries that deliver the baked goodness littered about town, anyway – some that even deliver their loaves right to your doorstep. Trust us, once you go sourdough, you’d never look back on the days of eating plain ‘ol bread. And there are about a million things you could make with them. 37 for your consideration here courtesy of Bon Appetit.

Got all the inspo you need? Next onto the most important part – getting that bread. Scroll through the gallery for a lineup of artisanal bakeries that serve some of the best sourdough bread in town. From the basic sourdough to flavoured variants – you’d be spoilt for choice.

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