Last Minute Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Him & Her

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With Valentine’s Day on Friday, I wanted to share a few Valentine’s gift ideas, from free/DIY to splurge gifts that you can pull off last minute. Here are a few of my favorites at all different price points!


We all have those chores around the house that either keep getting put off or that you and your S/O take turns doing. Maybe it’s giving the dog a bath, going grocery shopping, doing the dishes or even those bigger DIY home improvement project. Just put together a coupon book to give your partner a free pass from some of those chores and it won’t go unappreciated.

Ok this is as far from ‘last minute’ as you can get, but start either a written journal (or even a ‘notes’ page on your phone) documenting 1 thing you love about your S/O everyday – somedays it will be something funny they said during the day, somedays it will be big gestures and moments, but not only will it be an epic gift next Valentine’s Day when you give it to your S/O, it will also help you focus on everything you love about them during the year.


Go pick up a globe or a map from Goodwill or a secondhand store (or you can find new options in-store or online for a really good price) and add a pin to all of the spots you have traveled to together. You can also print out pictures from your trips with little notes on the back sharing some of your favorite memories.

A box of gourmet chocolates. I don’t care if it’s for her or him, they are counting their carbs or trying to cut out sugar, what is Valentine’s Day without chocolate?

If your S/O’s idea of the perfect date night involves a comfy couch and big screen TV, you can’t top a movie scratch off poster. It may seem like just a poster, but as you start to scratch off each movie it will turn into a ton of fun, memorable date nights. Just add popcorn and a comfy blanket.


When in doubt, make reservations at one of your S/O’s favorite restaurants. The sooner you book the better, or you might get stuck eating at 4:45pm or 9pm, but it’s a no-brainer. As an alternative, you could celebrate with dinner the day before or after and plan a romantic night at home to avoid the crowds on the 14th.

Missed the cut off? That’s me, lol. I’m making custom Nike’s or Vans for Cody for Valentine’s. I haven’t decided which one, but then I’m going to print off a picture of the shoes to give him the day of. They take about 3-4 weeks to come usually, but that way he can be excited waiting for them too. 🙂


One of the best last minute gifts is a pair of tickets to an upcoming event. When I have a family member or friend’s birthday coming up, sometimes I’ll just browse Stubhub for a list of events in their area to get inspired. Sometimes it’s a concert of one of their favorite bands, a good comedy show, or tickets to their favorite basketball team. It’s always a win and nobody would guess it was a last minute gift idea.


If you are scrambling for a last minute present to impress, now is the time to book that trip to the destination your S/O has casually been bringing up. Whether it’s a dream trip overseas, a weekend camping trip, or a road trip home to visit their family, they’ll always remember that as the perfect Valentine’s Day present.


Below are some other great Valentine’s gift ideas that she will love:

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And more ideas for him here:

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XX, Christine

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