Life Lately

Happy Wednesday! I haven’t done a Life Lately in a LONG TIME–it seemed like a fun little mid-week post topic. 🤗Are you having a good week so far? I hope so! It’s been so pretty here, and it really feels like spring! (We even had a picnic date last night in the park!) I’m about to go for my daily walk and then I have my 28 week doctor’s appointment this afternoon! Hope your Wednesday is off to a good start! Here are a handful of snaps of what’s been going on around here lately! 

(Dress and jacket are old so can’t link–sorry! Sneakers Freda Salvador!) 

Shaheen came to to town!! 

We hadn’t seen her since New Years Eve pre-pandemic 😭it was so good to see her again. (She and Trevor are both fully vaccinated so they planned a mini getaway in Chicago to celebrate!) We all got dinner on the rooftop at Aba (highly recommend! They have an awesome, safe setup and the food is so good!) It felt like old times again. 💛

Been making some really great salads lately! 

With the amazing weather we’ve been having lately in Chicago, it’s the perfect excuse to cook on the grill! I love grilling BBQ chicken and making it into a chopped salad! I think there are a couple things that make this one so good–I pan fry the corn in a little olive oil and butter to get it all nice and caramelized (with plenty of salt, pepper, a little chili powder and if the corn isn’t sweet enough for your liking, throw in a tiny bit of sugar and it’ll taste like fresh summer corn!) The other key is to make a homemade cilantro lime ranch (I don’t usually have a particular recipe but this one sounds similar to what I usually throw together!) 

We got LR’s crib!!! 

After months of scouring, I came to the conclusion that the crib I liked best was the $79 one from IKEA (which is so great, because with that savings I can splurge on getting a really pretty vintage rug–you know my weakness for rugs. 🤣) Worth noting: SO MANY of you dmed me saying you got the same one and how much you love it–how it’s held up through multiple kiddos and that you couldn’t have better things to say about it. (YAY!) Highly recommend their contactless curbside pickup–it was so easy. We have yet to assemble it, but we’ll get there eventually. Felt like one step closer to things being real! 

One of my favorite things to do on a weekend morning is to go on a walk with my besties to Cafe Colao in Humboldt Park to pick up their incredible Puerto Rican pastries–I highly recommend the guava or guava and cheese flavor! They also have really good sandwiches! 

And now for a more recent obsession–the boba tea from Tours Le Jours! It’s a French/Asian bakery that has so many cool treats (they have locations all over, but there’s one on Division in Wicker Park!) I love a good bubble tea, and they recommended I try the Taro flavor with Taro boba and WOW–instant favorite. Truly DELIGHTFUL. And the color–how could you not be happy drinking this?! 

Lucy is not impressed. 

Neal cannot get enough of Lucy Larkin–but last time we saw her the feelings were not mutual. 🤣She just sat there with that look on her face the entire time Neal was holding her and we were all dying laughing. She usually loves him, but she was really not in the mood for entertaining. To be fair, I think she just wanted more ice cream. 😂

Bloody mary=my favorite mocktail. 

I have been loving virgin bloodies lately (okay fine, I’ve always loved them) because they’re kind of part snack, part beverage. Luckily the heartburn a lot of pregnant gals experience hasn’t hit me yet when it comes to spicy food. Neal’s secret is to use Spicy V8 and then add his own concoction of seasonings and hot sauces. It’s on my list to have him write a “how to create your own bloody mary mix” blog post! 

This Amazon bike short lounge set still going strong 

My go-to lounge set lately! (Not maternity! I just sized up for LR!) I also ordered the pink version because I love this one so much. 😬

Sweater is old 

I got to see Danielle!!! (And BUDDY!! And Margot and Kate! Missed you, Conor!) 

I stopped by Danielle’s last week because she was so nice to set aside some hand me downs from Margot and Kate for LR–the weather was so beautiful so we got to catch up on the patio. (And I never wanted to put Buddy down). It was so good to see her and the girls! 💛

Walks in Beverly Shores

We were up at Neal’s parents’ lake house in the Indiana Dunes over Easter weekend and the weather was so perfect–we went on two long walks on Saturday and Sunday and it was so beautiful! (I know, my outfit is v. stylish. But actually I love my men’s Patagonia and you know I’m living in these Aerie leggings always!)  Cannot wait for warm beach days this summer! 

I made GrossyPelosi’s deviled egg charcuterie board for Easter and it was a slam dunk. SO GOOD. Devilled eggs are always a labor of love but they were so worth it–I loved mixing up the flavor profiles (he has three different kinds as part of his recipe–I made the pesto and the garlicky paprika kind). Also pictured: My MIL’s new kitchen! I totally meant to film a kitchen tour but forgot, so I promise I will do that next time. It turned out so beautiful! 

In our Easter best! So wild that next year LR will be in this picture in her little Easter dress! 😭I got this Wayf dress for Florida and sadly it sold out so fast! Did a quick glance though and looks like Shopbop still has XS in stock, and Nordstrom has the black version marked down for half price in XS and S! The flats I’m wearing here are my favorite ballet flats because they’re so chic and SO SOFT. They feel like the ballet slippers you had in kindergarten ballet class. 

We had our first picnic of the season last night! (I wish it was rosé in that wine yeti 😂) It was SO WARM we could not believe it. I wore my latest amazing find–the MUMU JUMPSUIT–and it was perfect picnic attire. (Lots of questions on the bra I wore with it–you can wear any strapless bra.) I ordered my regular (non pregnant) size because it’s super roomy and I didn’t want it to be too big once LR comes! It is truly so comfy–feels just like a regular mumu/house dress but with legs so it’s better for activities. 😂

That’s all for now! Hope you enjoyed this sneak peak behind the scenes!