Move Along Summer Dresses, Oversized Shirts Are Taking Over the Limelight

Shirts are a wardrobe staple. The very basic of the basics. When you think summer wardrobe, a stereotypical button-up might not necessarily rank at the top of your mind. You’d think a button-up to be more suited for the office than it might be for the beach; appropriate for a formal meeting than brunch with the girlies; or a black-tie dinner affair than a kiki.

But these shirts making their rounds around the ‘gram are none like the others. Oversized in fit, they embody the ease of summer dressing. You could throw one over your itty bitty bikinis as a coverup, or wear it as is as an oversized shirt dress belted at the waist. If you’re a city gal, pair it with bicycle shorts ala the Kardashians. The possibilities are aplenty.

Changed your mind about shirts as a proposition for the summer yet? This might just do it for you – there are plenty of options from the colour wheel besides classic white. Electric blue, matcha green, bright pink, take your pick.

Scroll through the gallery above for copious inspo from Instagram’s stylish crop. We say retire the dresses this season, shall we?

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