My Thoughts and Experience with Lip Fillers

My thoughts and opinions on lip fillers by Beauty Blogger Laura Lily,These days our culture seems to be inundated with all kinds of non-surgical cosmetic procedures. Thanks to the Kardashians and other celebrities, these kinds of procedures have become, somewhat, dare I say- normal? Yet, a part of me, like so many other women, I am sure, hesitate to share with the world that they’ve ever had anything cosmetically done to themselves to enhance their physical appearance. Especially something like lip fillers or neurotoxins that paralyze muscles to prevent fine lines and wrinkles. I wrote about my experience with Botox in this post here. I find this hesitation amusing since other physical enhancements, such as dying our hair to look younger or getting braces to straighten our naturally crooked teeth, are all considered normal practices these days. Injections are not there yet, but I am sure one day they will be.