no shame in outfit repeating

A feature of items I have worn practically a bajillion times and why the shame of “outfit repeating” has to stop. 
I never quite understood the negative stigma associated with outfit repeating. Of course, I am definitely guilty of wearing one item to an event and then shoving it back deep into my closet never to be worn again, as if hell would freeze over if people realized I was wearing the same thing twice. As I’ve tried started finding a love for basics and as my style has evolved, I’ve realized that I have started not really caring about wearing the same thing. It is sustainable, too, and what could be better than that? We all know that fashion is one of the most unsustainable industries, so the shame in wearing something twice should truly become a thing of the past. With that said, here are various occasions when I have styled the same item (or very similar styles) in multiple ways. 
I spent a fortune on this Jacquemus dress, so you best believe that I would wear it multiple times. Though it is a memorable style, I’ve worn it on nights out with my best friend in New York, in Italy on my birthday, and with jeans for a casual day in Soho. It looks best paired simply with strappy heels, but I wouldn’t let that stop me from styling it with Levi’s and ankle boots. Layered necklaces is also an amazing way to add umph to this dress. In the fall, I think it could look great with black trousers as well.  CAMEL-COLORED TROUSERS
You guys have seen me in my brown Acne trousers a multitude of times. They are an amazing staple and honestly go great with white blouses (another item I will get into), matching blazers, black strappy tops, or even with white t-shirts. Sneakers, boots, and funky bags make for an amazing pairing as well. One can never have too many tailored trousers. These fit me like a glove, so every time I wear them I feel confident and très chic. 
Another staple I am extremely fond of. My ultimate favorite collared shirt is the Totême Capri shirt. Again, it is a basic that can be styled a million ways and always look different. I love tucking them into trousers/jeans with a belt, or oversized with a short skirt underneath to look like a dress. I have worn the dress-look out with heeled boots and felt amazing, chic, and comfortable. As a person who loves structure and shapes, a white collared shirt is one of my favorite go-to looks. 
I have worn and styled these babies in so many ways, which is amazing considering their hefty price tag, so their low cost per wear has definitely shown their worth. With socks, jeans, suits, dresses, trousers, you name it, they make any look gorgeous. I love them because they are so unique yet timeless.BLAZERS / SUITS
It is no secret that blazers and suits take up a big space in my closet. The checkered one shown above I wear the most, especially belted (unfortunately I can’t link to it because it’s vintage). Looking in the men’s suit section you can find amazing blazers that may be masculine, but after adding details like jewelry, leggings, a belt at the waist, or kitten heels, makes for the best feminine look. 
This is an overall sort of theme, but black is classic, so I had to include it in this series. Black dresses, pants, and turtlenecks are my favorite staple pieces. The polka-dot Violette Realisation Par dress is perfect for days when you want to thrown something on but still look presentable; I have been seen in it many a time. Though it is definitely a recurring theme in the fashion world, you can never go wrong with black. 
Let me know if you enjoyed this series as I would love to do it again with more pieces that I have worn multiple times! Again, I think that there shouldn’t be any shame in outfit repeating anymore. Let’s put an end to it once and for all. xx