On a High Note Vol 38

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Let’s fill up our coffee cups and start the week off On a High Note: Our weekly roundup series full of inspiring, interesting, fun and/or helpful snippets and ideas to try, read, make, cook, drink, do, shop, and so on! Here are our favorite highlights to check out this week! 

On a High Note Vol 38

Start this week on a high note: 

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@Useless_Farm on Instagram 

“Thank you to the reader who sent this account to me (knowing I can never get enough weird animal videos). This account is HYSTERICAL. I honestly don’t even know the story behind it–just that this is a funny woman in Canada who rescues random animals and films funny videos of them on Instagram. Does anyone know more!? I can’t find any background. 🤣 But I can’t get enough of her videos. Brad. What an ass.” –Jess 

Help …

Those affected by last week’s winter storm

Those affected by last week's winter storm | On a High Note Vol 38

image via Dallas Morning News

“Last week’s winter storm devastated so many communities in Texas and surrounding states. I’m originally from Texas and have many friends and family in the state who endured a wild ride last week. While temperatures are back up and power has been restored to most, many communities are still hurting. If you’re looking to help those in need, check out this roundup of aid organizations in the New York Times. @SharonSaysSo has also created a crowdsourced google spreadsheet to match people in Texas that need help with those looking to contribute–it’s really easy and you can Venmo people and families directly!” — Kendall 

Calm yourself…

Equilibria’s BOGO 50% sitewide sale! 

Equilibria's BOGO 50% sitewide sale! | On a High Note Vol 38

On a High Note Vol 38

“I’m not taking CBD right now with LR (personal choice as there’s really no info out there on CBD and pregnancy–always discuss with your doctor–but honestly I might miss that even more than I miss wine 🤣) but I couldn’t not point out that Equilibria is having a BOGO 50% off sitewide sale right now! You get the second purchase of equal or lesser value HALF off! And if you’re a new customer, you can enter code JESSKEYS for an extra 15% off on top of that! That is an INCREDIBLE deal.

Where to start? If you’re taking it for any internal benefits (stress, help with sleep, etc) my recco is always to go for the Balance Box subscription if you’re just starting out (because you can cancel anytime and the subscription price is an extra 20% off on top of that) and then for your second item, I would go for the indulgence collection set (review here!) because those flavors are AMAZING. Or the facial oil. I love the facial oil. If you’re taking for topical pain, I would go for the Relief cream, or for ALL of the above, start with the Brilliance Box, which is just the Balance Box with the relief cream added. 

If you missed my full in-depth CBD review post (and how I usually use it when not pregnant) read it here!”–Jess”

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To a February Playlist

“There’s nothing like falling in love with new music! It always inspires me and is always a welcome gift during these quarantined times — especially in the lingering winter months. I love Bev Cook’s monthly playlists for discovering new songs — she has great taste in music, and she creates musical themes based on the time of year. If you’re looking for new music, check it out!” — Kendall 

Plan …

Where abroad you can travel once you’re vaccinated (The Points Guy)

On a High Note Vol 38 | Where abroad you can travel once you're vaccinated (The Points Guy)

“My friend Whitney shared this article from The Points Guy as part of her newsletter (which I recommend signing up for!) and I thought it was both so interesting to get a gilmpse of how we’re starting to see international travel start rolling out post-vaccine, and also SO EXCITING!!

I haven’t really even let myself think about international travel in a long time because I just don’t want to get my hopes up, but this really gave me hope! The article lists out different countries that are giving us a first look at how “vaccine passports” will be rolling out and their various guidelines for those who have been vaccinated. I’ve allowed myself to start thinking about our first international trip post-LR. 😉 ” –Jess 


AE Mom Jeans- on sale!

Top 10 January Bestsellers | The Top Bestsellers of 2020

On a High Note Vol 38

“Jess inspired me to grab these AE mom jeans, and they’re on sale right now! (They were a top GG reader in January) When she said they’re really soft and comfortable enough to wear while working from home all day–she was spot on! I love the wash and am looking forward to occasionally changing out of my leggings in the future 😉 If you’ve been meaning to grab them, now is a great time! They run TTS.”  — Kendall

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