On a High Note Vol 39

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Welcome to another week and month — happy MARCH! Spring is right around the corner and longer, sunnier days are within reach!

Let’s fill up our coffee cups and start the week off On a High Note: Our weekly roundup series full of inspiring, interesting, fun and/or helpful snippets and ideas to try, read, make, cook, drink, do, shop, and so on! Here are our favorite highlights to check out this week! 

On a High Note Vol 39

Start this week on a high note: 

Make …

A Shamrock [Protein] Shake! 

A Shamrock [Protein] Shake! On a High Note Vol 39

On a High Note Vol 39

“What better way to celebrate MARCH than with a shamrock shake!? A healthy one at that! My friend Natalie actually posted this recipe on her blog last March (it was her first post from quarantine 😐) but she posted it on her Instagram again this morning (I had totally missed it last time!) and I thought it was genius.

This truly is my kinda recipe–(aka very little effort) it uses your favorite pre-made protein shake (I agree with her that the Premier Protein brand is definitely the best tasting–Neal buys these sometimes!) and all you have to add is ice and mint extract. Of course, it’s way more fun if you add whipped cream and lucky charms on top but that part is optional. 😜This has Gaston written all over it.” –Jess 

Learn …

The Most Likely Timeline for Life to Return to Normal

The Most Likely Timeline for Life to Return to Normal | On a High Note Vol 39

“The question on all of our minds, always — when will things go back to normal? Whether you’re just plain curious (who isn’t?) or are trying to plan for some light travel (who isn’t), this Atlantic piece dives into what experts think the next year will look like for us when it comes to COVID-19, being in crowds, traveling, etc. Spoiler: signs are pointing toward an uncertain spring, an amazing summer, a cautious fall and winter, and then, finally, relief. Check out the full article to learn what each upcoming season could look like.” — Kendall 


@Minnieknows on Instagram 

“Do you follow @MinnieKnows on Instagram? She lives in Berlin and has the chicest style! I’m getting sad about leaving Florida in a week (and putting away all my shorts and sundresses 😭) but now that it’s March, following her transitional style is making me look forward to spring layers! She posts lots of style videos which are super helpful AND her apartment is reaaallyyy dreamy.” –Jess


Restaurants of the Future

Restaurants of the Future | On a High Note Vol 39

“Speaking of the future… this Architectural Digest feature on restaurants of the future is super interesting! Hospitality designers weigh in on what restaurants will look like in a post-COVID world. While I’ll take any restaurant design when I finally do dine inside again, these ideas sound so cool! Here’s what one designer had to say:

‘We’ll be designing restaurants where privacy is key, so that small groups can gather in intimate spaces, well distanced from others…We’ll choose materials that gently ‘wrap’ the guests in an intimate atmosphere—textiles, upholstery, and wood that visually and acoustically recreate a cocoon where [guests can] enjoy the meal.’

Here’s to dining in style in the future! — Kendall 


French cooking and baking fundamentals with La Cuisine! 

French cooking and baking fundamentals with La Cuisine

“I know we’re all pretty starved at this point for ANYTHING fun to do that is not a zoom happy hour or an afternoon walk, so I thought this would be right up your alley! My Paris group took a virtual baking class with La Cuisine (a cooking school in Paris!) over Zoom yesterday and it was SO much fun! If you’ve been following for a while you’ll know I had a reader trip planned with Whitney and Rebecca and that it obviously had to be postponed, but we have a French Macaron class planned with La Cuisine whenever we do get to Paris, and this was such a fun warm-up!

They offer a variety of classes (including some live zoom classes–here’s their calendar) and also offer online courses you can take any time (and have access to revisit again) for just 30 Euro each, and I think it would be so fun to do as a solo activity or to get some girlfriends to take it with you! If you have a group, like a bachelorette party or a group of coworkers, I believe they also offer private classes as well, just email them!” –Jess 


Jess’ Happy Sweater- on sale!

Madewell striped sweater

On a High Note Vol 39

“I’m all about the sales these days! 😉And I saw Jess’ colorful happy sweater is on sale today! Fun, colorful sweaters are a great way to infuse a little spring into your wardrobe especially if you live in cold climates that still have a bit more winter to endure. It really does work- I threw on a bright pink sweater during an especially dreary week in Portland and it helped me channel the sunny, spring vibes! Check out her full review on this colorful striped sweater in this post!”  — Kendall

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