On a High Note Vol 40

Hi friends!

Happy Monday!

Thanks for your patience as I know I’m late in getting today’s post up! We JUST walked in the door back from Florida. That was a LONGGG drive home but worth every minute for the amazing trip that we had. It feels so good to be home, and I’m absolutely ecstatic to have come home on a gorgeous 60-degree day! 

Hope you had a wonderful weekend and that you have blue, sunny sky wherever you are as well! 

Let’s jump into this week’s edition of On a High Note: Our weekly roundup series full of inspiring, interesting, fun and/or helpful snippets and ideas to try, read, make, cook, drink, do, shop, and so on! Here are my and Kendall’s favorite highlights to check out this week! 

On a High Note Vol 40

Treat yourself …

To the best gummy bears in all the land!!

ALBANESE GUMMY BEARS | On a High Note Vol 40

“I know, this is so random. BUT. I posted last week that Neal tried to throw away my half-full container of gummy bears because “the container was annoying and they have been sitting around forever” and that he was almost divorced. 😂

There was another important detail–they were ALBANESE GUMMY BEARS!!

My DM’s just LIT UP. I was in tears laughing at all your responses because there is PASSION for Albanese gummies!!! 😂

Yes, they claim to be the world’s best and THEY ARE. (I always laugh thinking of that scene in Elf and the “world’s best cup of coffee”––CONGRATULATIONS!!!! YOU DID IT!!!….but really, it’s true in this case.) 

I also had several responses trickle in later on in the week that you bought these after I raved about them and that you are hooked and that you can’t believe you didn’t know about the deliciousness that is Albanese bears previously. 

They are made in Indiana by a family-owned company (some of you actually said you know the family and that they are wonderful, which obviously makes me feel that much better about buying them!) If you’re driving south from Chicago I don’t think their factory is far from the freeway near Valparaiso if you are looking for a fun pit stop (I’ve never been but have heard great things!) 

I think for the longest time they were just a midwestern thing, but now I’m happy to see they’ve made their way across the U.S. and you can also get them on Amazon. (Many of you let me in on the secret that is the 5-pound bag of Albanese bears from Amazon. 😂) 

So, thus. Here we are. They get their own spotlight in On a High Note. If you love gummy bears, get yourself some Albanese. You won’t be sorry. They will make your week.” –Jess 

Try …

A Counterintuitive Way to Cheer up When You’re Down

A Counterintuitive Way to Cheer up When You're Down | On a High Note Vol 40

Image via The Atlantic

“This Atlantic piece is an interesting read on happiness. It delves into artist Normal Rockwell’s struggle with depression while being known for painting images of undeniable happiness. Research shows not only that you can bring joy to others even if you’re unhappy, but also that doing so is a reliable way to improve your own well-being. This practice doesn’t come naturally to most of us, which is why the author breaks down how it works. 

‘None of us wants to be the purveyor of poison, especially toward those we love. Fortunately, research also shows that we have more control over how we affect others—and ourselves—than we might assume. The key is to act like a happy person would, even if you don’t feel like it.’

Check out the piece to see how you can use the Rockwell formula to bring more joy to your life and those around you when you’re feeling down.” — Kendall 

Make …

60 Air Fryer Recipes

60 Air Fryer Recipes | On a High Note Vol 40

image via Detoxinista

“I saw this headline and immediately had to share with the GG community, because I know many of you recently purchased Jess’ Cuisinart air fryer (check out her review in this post) If you’re looking for recipe inspiration, this roundup from The Everygirl features 60 air fryer recipes and they look SO good! To be honest, I was sold on the air fryer when Jess said it was great for heating up croissants 😂but these recipes show just how versatile this appliance really is. From hard-boiled eggs and french fries to meat and veggies — it can do everything!” – Kendall 


@HappyHappyHouseplant on Instagram 

“If like me, you have a black thumb (as opposed to Kendall, who seems to have an incredible gift for keeping house plants alive) then you will love this Instagram account. I have no idea how I found it, but I’m so glad I did–it’s so informational, educational, funny, and practical–created just for those of us who can’t figure out how or why our plants keep dying. 😂” –Jess 


5 Medical Appointments You Should Stop Putting Off

5 Medical Appointments You Should Stop Putting Off

Image via NPR

“Now that we’re exactly a year out from the start of COVID-19 lockdown/life as we’ve known it for the past 365 days, it’s glaringly obvious to reflect on how our habits have changed. Like so many other things, I’m sure most of us have put off scheduling certain medical appointments that we didn’t think were absolutely vital. After all, we’ve been told to avoid unnecessary appointments and interactions, right? This NPR piece delves into the importance of not putting your health on the back burner, and why you should book five medical appointments that you might have been putting off, right now.  — Kendall 


The Best Aerie Leggings- 40% off!

The Best Aerie Leggings- 40% off!

“Jess inspired me to snag these Aerie leggings last year. I needed some leggings in a size up to get me through pregnancy and I figured these would do the trick. They’re beyond soft, stay in place and hold you in — I lived in them all fall and winter long.  I recently went back for more in my usual size because they are so dang good — especially for the price. If you’ve been meaning to try them or order more colors, they’re currently on sale right now (as they often are) for $26. They also come in short and tall! I only wish they’d come out with even more colors!”  — Kendall

Take Action…

Demand accountability during the Derek Chauvin trial and justice for George Floyd

“If you missed it, today was set to be the first day of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin’s trial. (It has since been delayed at least one day due to a pending decision on an additional third-degree murder charge.) BUT, that doesn’t mean we can’t get started taking action today!

Just as we were vocal in June demanding accountability of these officers, it’s equally as important to ensure our voices are heard now. I wanted to share two great actions here that I read in today’s Antiracism Daily Newsletter. If you don’t already, I highly recommend joining their newsletter, following the account on Instagram, and if you are able, donating to support their work. Here are two ways to take action today: 

  1. Sign this petition urging Governor Tim Walz, Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison, and Judge Peter Cahill to ensure a fair trial. 
  2. Send an automated postcard to members of city and state government advocating for a fair trial. Their goal is to send 10,000 cards by March 31, 2021 (I know this community can help make a huge dent in that!) A portion of postcard proceeds also support the George Floyd Memorial Foundation.” –Jess 

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