Out of Office

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I hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday so far! 

I have come to the realization that this might just be the last “vacation” we ever get before becoming parents, so I thought maybe instead of working the rest of the week as intended, I should really take a few more days off to soak it all in and enjoy this time with just the two of us! (Because to my knowledge, nobody has ever said in hindsight, “I wish I had taken less time off and spent less quality time with my husband before having kids” am I right?) 

So–that being said, I’ll be taking a little break now through the weekend to enjoy these last few days we have here in our wonderful 80-degree paradise AKA wildlife safari sanctuary. (Hopefully we’ll have many more Iguana sightings before our departure.) Regular posting will resume back here on Monday (from what I hope is a non-snowy Chicago. 😜) after we make the drive home. 

And if you needed a reminder that you could use a little time off (whether that’s just a few hours or a couple of days!) I hope this encourages you to take that time for yourself as well!