photos from italy

A photo diary from Tuscany, Rome, and Venice.

I know it’s been a while since I’ve written on here…I’m afraid traveling has gotten the best of me. When I wasn’t spending full days in foreign countries I would try to catch up on sleep and see family, friends, and sort of just catch up on life (laundry included). It’s been a beautiful summer, filled with lots of memories and destinations, but now that I’m back in New York for two weeks I finally feel like I can gather all of the photos to share with you all…even if you have seen all of them on Instagram. Even though you might be tired of them, I want to share a collection of photos that I took in Tuscany, Rome, and Venice. It was too much of a beautiful time not to share them, so here are my favorites.

We stayed at the Monteverdi Tuscany boutique hotel. It was absolutely gorgeous, with an Italian countryside feel and amazing wine and food. We lazed around in the sun, drank a lot of sparkling water, and ventured into the cute little town at night for dinner. On my birthday I wore a Jacquemus dress and heels that were way too tall. 

From Tuscany we drove to Rome, where we went to all the touristy yet beautifully historic places, ate a ton of gelato, and had dinner at 11pm. Shopping was also a bit necessary. 

Celebrating a new fragrance launch for Bottega Veneta, Adam and I got to explore the city surrounded by water and boats. It was absolutely magic at night, with all of the lights reflecting off of the waves. 

I really hope you enjoyed this mama post from my trips! I will be back with some fall inspiration and other travel posts soon. Until then, much love and thank you always for all of your support. It makes me the the happiest bean. xx