Sleep Wellness In The Winter

Created in partnership with The Company Store

Getting my eight hours in the winter is essential and being pregnant in the winter means I really can’t go without it. One of the things I take very seriously is bedding and sleep wellness in the winter! Doing up the new house meant lots of new bedding and I got it all from The Company Store, who have every sort of bedlinen you can image as well as things for the bathroom, pyjamas, slippers, furniture, cushions and rugs, kidswear, things for pets…I could go on. They also have a comforter buying guide which is so useful if you don’t know what to go for. January is the perfect time to replace or update bed linens and The Company Store have all their bestsellers in their January picks. I’m spending quite a lot of time in bed at the moment; sleeping, resting, watching Netflix and I got the most beautiful set of bedlinen from The Company Store.

For adults there are some beautiful subtle prints, like the Green Stencil Leaf Cotton which comes in Sky Blue and Pink Sand as well, and in four sizes. The one in the pictures below is Paisley Floral Cotton Voile.

Classic white is always a winner and we have these in all the spare rooms; I add velvet cushions in jewel colours to tie the bedding in with the interiors. Sleep wellness in the winter is so much easier when your bed looks inviting and is comfy enough to spend all weekend in.

What I also love is their pyjama collection. Honor and I can be matching with the womens and childrens dressing gowns and obviously, I’m thrilled! That really helps with sleep wellness in the winter.

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