Styling short hair: my day-to-day hair routine

I’ve gone from long hair to a long bob back and forth over the years but recently I decided to take the plunge and go shorter. Rocking a chin length bob has allowed me to refresh my look but it also means that I’ve had to figure out a new way to style my hair on a day-to-day basis. After watching everyone from my hairdresser to my fave hair and makeup artists work on my hair since I went for the big chop, I’ve managed to hone my daily style down into one particular look.

What I do step-by-step

Relaxed and wavy for Fashion Week this year

1. Straighten

I usually make sure that my hair is dry to start with. This is so I can straighten it. To do this, I’ll simply use a straightener and run it through my hair to the ends as I like the tips to be straight before I do the next step…

2. Curl

I like to wear my hair quite relaxed and a bit wavy. To get that beachy wave that’s quite popular right now I tong my hair using my Cloud Nine curling tong. I put a slight curl in the mid lengths, which gives it a little volume. To make it easier I will usually separate my hair into sections and then curl it section by section.

3. Muss it up

It’s usually a good idea to seperate the curls a bit so they’re not perfect and have a bit more of a lived in, mussed up effect. A quick run of my fingers through my hair usually achieves that effect.

4. Finish with product

To give it some grit and texture I’ll spritz my hair with dry shampoo and use hair powder to add a little extra volume. And after that, I’m done!

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