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A Little Paris in New York

M Moments that feel like a little Paris in New York.  Until we can travel again, these places are architecturally stunning and help to reignite the imagination. Glimpses of Arc de Triomphe de l’Etoile and hints of Arc de Triomphe…

A Fresh Take on Spring Styling with Lavender

N New season, new silhouette, same love for lavender.  A fresh take on spring styling with lavender and soft pleats. Spring awakening with another dose of lavender today.  This time, with dot patterns and refined pleats.  This particular leg-lengthening silhouette…

Styling with Ruffles and Oxfords

B Borrowed from the boys, but make it fashion.  Blending feminine and masculine elements to create a balanced look. I’m a huge fan of oxfords.  I love them in a heel format or as flats.  Whatever the heel height, I…

Most Complimented Winter Coat

T The tailored cut, the pinstripes, the camel beige tone, the interesting side button details – these are some of the aspects that make this coat the most complimented. Online and in person, whenever I post about this beige pinstripe…

Spring Colors, Winter Feel

T These photos look like they have selective coloring with the background being black and white and the only colors are in my outfit.  But these are actually in full color with true winter colors of Central Park in the…

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