The Best Chunky Chain Necklaces That Won’t Break Bank, All Under $50

Chunky chain necklaces are a huge trend for SS 2021! When shopping for one to add to your collection, I found super affordable chunky chain necklaces: all under $50!

I’ve been wearing my Brinker & Eliza necklaces a lot lately, and you’ve been asking for more affordable versions on my stories, so today, I did just that! I found super trendy chunky chain necklaces, layering chains & chunky chain pendants all under $50! So, scroll down to take a look.

So, I’m actually obsessed with jewelry shopping on Etsy! Aside from the fact that you find really cool things you can’t really get anywhere else, the price points are absolutely amazing. You know how I always talk about how jewelry is everything when it comes to styling, and necklaces in particular are a super simple way to dress up your look. Below, are my absolute favorites at the moment!

Also, got a lot of decor questions on my stories from this post. So, linking to similar items below, hope you enjoy!

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