The Cutest Straw Bags Goin’ Round

The Cutest Straw Bags Goin’ Round

Shop the ‘IT’ bag right here, right now.

We’re calling it – straw bags are a ‘thing’. And if you’re ready to shop straw bags then you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve seen them everywhere from NYC, to Sydney and beyond and now we want in on the action. For visual inspo on how to wear one, look no further than some of our fave style crushes Juliana, Elly & Anne-Laure.

They’re the perfect seasonal update for your basic jeans + tees combo, but they can also add a cool-girl twist to a black boyfriend blazer (see here).

We’ve curated a pretty extensive list of all our favourites just for you and we hope you like it.

Words: @carmengracehamilton
Image: Collage Vintage

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