The New Maison Collection from Venus et Fleur is Literally Everything

May 7, 2021

The New Maison Collection from Venus et Fleur is Literally Everything

I am obsessed with the new Maison Collection from Venus et Fleur! Elegant, sophisticated & extraordinary beautiful, the Maison Collection captures the spirit of Parisian chic with gorgeous florals, and rose-inspired home scents!

Although there are several gorgeous types of floral arrangements within the Maison Collection, the Serene Vase with Mixed Eternity Flowers captured my heart the moment I saw it! I absolutely love the combination of roses, hydrangeas and gardenias because it’s such a timeless and classic pairing.

What makes the Eternity Flowers particularly special is the fact that they are real flowers that can last for more than a year! So, if you love flowers as much as I don, you will certainly enjoy the fact that these arrangements will keep bringing joy and light into your space for much longer than any traditional floral arrangement. To find out more about Eternity Flowers CLICK HERE!

I also love that the vases and candle vessels are made from handcrafted porcelain, which gives the Maison Collection a particularly polished and sophisticated appeal.

The home fragrances are divine as well! If you love rose fragrance, I think you will enjoy how delicate, understated and fresh these are! Personally, I think I am very partial to the fact that they are not your typical rose home scents by any means. Though the rose scent is quite prominent, it’s a different take on this classic fragrance that is both modern and sophisticated.

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