These Mini Bags Are More Functional Than You Would Think

Mini bags have a bad rep. But hold your bias and let us finish. These aren’t the itty bitty bags that could pass off as play toys or the ones so teeny, tiny, they’re basically a necklace. The mini bags in question meet us at a sweet spot between function and fashion. We’ll admit, on the scale of relative adorableness to the micros, the mini bags do fall a little behind but the fact that can actually hold things more than makes up for it. In hindsight, you get the best of both worlds.

So long, the frustration of leaving the house without your trustee hand sanitiser bottle because it just won’t fit! Adios, the hassel of having to hold your phone in hand throughout the night! Perhaps, finally, the time has come for the micro bag trend to retire after an enduring run in the fashion circuit. What with practicality at the top of both consumers’ and designers’ minds, we’re ready to graduate to pragmatic options. And with options as adorable as these, we’re not really complaining.

Valentino Small Roman Stud The Handle Bag

 Chloé Kiss Small Purse

 Celine Triomphe Shoulder Bag

 Lemaire Tacco Paetent Leather Crossbody Bag

 Saint Laurent Vicky Quilted-Velvet Crossbody Bag

Burberry Small Olympia Bag

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