This Colour Just Knocked Millennial Pink Off Its Throne

This Colour Just Knocked Millennial Pink Off Its Throne

So long, farewell.

If there’s one thing us millennials love, it’s a subtle shade of pink. The colour has been splashed across Glossier’s entire lineup of cult products (all of which are frequently used to enhance selfies) and has spawned approximately 68 million think pieces simply by existing. The profuse spike in Rosé sales* that 2017 bore witness to, I suspect, was primarily owing to the wine’s gentle pink hue, which was simpatico with Instagram aesthetics everywhere. But, hey, wait a second. Plot twist! Who in the heck is this new kid hanging out on fashion week runways, popping up in our feeds, draped across the bodies of people we want to be more like (mainly Rihanna, TBH), and haunting our dreams? An unexpected fuchsia pink is who.

Whereas millennial pink was happy to take on more of a covert role in our lives/wardrobes—a fellow quietly-confident introvert—fuchsia’s entrance into a room is not unlike Kramer from Seinfeld’s. If fuchsia had the ability to type, you best believe SHE’D DO SO EXCLUSIVELY IN CAPITALS, you’d never catch her stifling a laughter, and god help you if you sat behind her in the cinema. In basic speak, she’s millennial pink’s loud, proud and ~crazier~ younger sister. 

Lucky for us, fuchsia pink was made to be worn with black so say hello to the coolest way to accessorise your trusty black suit. For those a little apprehensive about jumping on the bandwagon, start with a small pop of pink, whether it be via a bag or shoe. If you’ve been waiting for this day to arrive your whole life, go forth and embrace the maximalism in an all-pink outfit. No matter your current stance, we got you covered with our fave fuchsia pieces for this year below.

This isn’t goodbye, millennial pink, it’s just see ya’ later for now!

*There’s no actual data to accompany this claim, just my own suspicions based on frequenting bars (sue me).

Words: @madw0n

Image: @chescaathes by @carmengracehamilton

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